4 Tips to Write a Standard SEO in WordPress.

Writing an SEO standard blog post can be a challenge. Don’t worry, this guide helps you out!

1, How to present a Standard SEO article

Here is how to present the standards SEO article:


(Up to 70 characters. Normally URL will always catch headlines but if the headlines are  too long, need to edit it.)

Title (in the <head>) has formed <title> Title </ title>

(Writing brief, concise, attraction, or as good as, the summary content is closest to.)

Note, there are 2 titles, headlines often coincide with heading 1, and title tag will be spoke in detail in Section 3.

Heading 1

(Nearing the content with the title – in WordPress heading 1 is title)


Summarizing the content of a full article

(Italic summary entire paragraph, bold important keywords)

Heading 2 (Ctrl 2)

Contents of text (minimum 200 words) + Important links.

Heading 2

Contents of text (minimum 200 words) + bold Important keywords.

Heading 3:  appearing when the article is too long (about 3000 words)

Contents of text (minimum 200 words)

Heading 3

Contents of text (minimum 200 words)

    Heading 3

Contents of text (minimum 200 words)

Heading 2

Contents of text (minimum 200 words) + links are not important

Heading 3

Contents of text (minimum 200 words)

    Heading 3

Contents of text (minimum 200 words)

Heading 3

Contents of text (minimum 200 words)

Heading 2

Contents of text (minimum 200 words) + bolding important keywords link.

Heading 2

Italic concluding text

Leading source and related content, link out (limited links to the outside)



  • If the content is less than 500 words, the article need just 2-3 heading 2.
  • If the content of over 1000 words, the article should be 2-3 heading 3 within a certain heading 2.
  • If the content is too long about 3000 texts, the article should have 1 or more 2 heading.
  • A short heading (in a line), should use keywords and relevant content, is very limited (but not completely ban) put links in headings! If it is a home page or category that contains the article, put links in your avatar or the “read more” or arrows to enter the readings.
  • When to google index a page’s content, it will index like a table of contents in which the heading is always the priority (just like creating a table of contents of this file either your own word).

2, Imagine Handling in an SEO Standard article

  • Search for high-quality images under the keyword articles, you should use the English to find, there will be more and more quality imagines. (In Google’s advanced search, selecting the larger size image)
  • Download image.
  • Right mouse, select the property, select details.
    • Title image: closest to the content, accented Vietnamese.
    • Rate photo: 5 stars.
    • Subject: fields of the image, to not be well.
    • Tag: The keywords are put in the post.
    • Author: your website.
  • Copyright: if that imagine had informed, you should find more pictures without copyright, then the information is to your site.
  • Saving name image coincides with the title image


  • The photo size should be proportional to the content, balance in the middle.
  • After photos are posted on the website, click on editing to caption and add tags Alternative text.
    • Caption: contains keywords, short description picture
    • Alt Tags: It accurately describes the image and contains keywords.
    • The image isn’t alt tags, should not have the same content together and should not coincide with the photo or caption.

43, The card must note on CMS

  • Cate: Choose a cate have fields nearly mean with content
  • Tags: Keywords in the article should have 1-2 tags.
  • Title tag: Title appears on the browser, need to be a brief synopsis content , or max 35-40 characters including spaces, and keywords.

54, Some other notes

  • Each short article should be bold 3 important keywords.
  • Link is increasingly important, increasingly important keywords should be placed at the top or bottom (reference)
  • Over 200 new words should appear first link keyword insertion.
  • A 3,000 word became also should only have 6-7 links
  • Priority on-page links.
  • You should install software SeoQuake (http://www.seoquake.com/) to see statistics pages, keywords, article, …

Ms. Hien Luong

Head of Marketing & Communication